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Buenos Aires
La Boca & La Recoleta

The juxtapostion of the multi-hued La Boca neighborhood against the monochrome La Recoleta cemetary provides the background for this gallery.

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La Boca La recoleta Coke Awning Decorated Coke
La Boca
Buenos Aires
La Recoleta
Buenos Aires
Coke Awning
La Boca - Caminito

Decorated Coke
Typical La Boca decoration

Caminito Store Front Factory Caminito Rasputin Loss
Caminito Store Front
They do serve tea & vodka
Sorrow and loss
Boca Door DSC_0044 Boca Houses Tango1
La Boca Door
Recoleta Door
La Boca is known for its colorful buildings
Tango2 Green House Boca Dogs Recoleta Dog
Tango Taxi Dance
Green House
In La Boca you can have many dogs
In Recoleta only one
Red House Blue House Not Pleased DSC_0018
Red House
Blue House
Not Pleased

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